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Model: BT-200

HI-bebe is shouwing what fetus is saying.

HI-bebe indicates FHR as numeral by irradiating ultrasound at the abdomen, abstracting doppler frequency of heart beat cycle from the signals reflected from fetal heart, outputting FHR change as a sound, and analyzing these signals.

  - FHR LCD Display
  - Low battery display
  - Signal quality display
  - Built-in loud speaker

  - Compact and light
  - High-sensitivity doppler probe
  - Ergonomic design
  - Clean sound
  - Easy to use
  - Low power consumption
  - Long time to continuous use (6hrs)

  • Display
  •   LCD back light
      Low battery display
      Signal quality display

  • Heart Rate Range
  •   FHR Accuracy: ±2% of Range

  • Ultrasound Frequency
  •   2MHz

  • Ultrasound Intensity
  •   <10mW/cm2

  • Speaker Output Power
  •   1.2W (Built in loudspeaker)

  • Audion output for earphone
  • Auto Shut Off Signal
  •   1 Minute

  • Power
  •   1.5V Battery X2 (Type: AA)

  • Sensitivity
  •   10-12 weeks onward

  • PC Interface
  •   Sound Card

  • Battery Life
  •   360 minutes

  • Water Proof
  • Easy to Use
  • Auto shut off: 5 min.

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