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Model: BT-350

BT-350 LCD is an Antepartum Fetal monitor displaying FHR, UC, and FM on the LCD screen to check fetal health.
BT-350 LED has the same functions as LCD type except having large 7-segment LED showing all the setting parameters and not having trend mode.
It has also an event marker enabling a pregnant woman in the bed to indicate fetal movement point by pushing the button herslef when she feels fetal movement.
BT-350 indicates FHR as numeral by irradiating ultrasound at the abdomen, abstracting doppler frequency of heart beat cycle from the signals reflected from fetal heart, and outputting FHR change as s sound, and analyzing these signals. Besides, you can measure UC by using pressure sensor.
BT-350 prints FHR, UC, and FM on the thermal paper and displays them on the LCD display.

Especiall, the doppler probe has 9 crystal sensors for catching FHR effectively, and it is water-proof type. BT-350 has 2 kinds of installation functions such as notebook, and wall mount.

  7 inch wide TFT color LCD display
  Up to 150 patients data saving
  Fetal heart sound play and record in PC
  Rotating screen
  Multiple language support
  Built-in quick guide (LCD typle)
  Waterproof probe

  - BCM-330/BCM-350 (PC interface-central monitoring system)
  - Remote control up to 8 monitors
  - Wire (RS-232C) and wireless (Bluetooth) connection
  - Network system by LAN connection (BCM-350 only)
  - Remote real-time picking-up fetal heart sound (Patent)

  • FHR (Fetal Heart Rate)
  •   Dual Pulsed Doppler Ultrasound
      Frequency: 0.985 MHz
      Intensity: 10 mW/cm2 or less
      FHR Range: 30 ~ 240 bpm FHR
      Accuracy: ±2% of Range

  • FM (Fetal Movement)
  •   Auto-detection of dual fetal movement

  • UC (Uterine Contraction)
  •   External Type
      Frequency Response: DC ~ 0.5 Hz
      Reference (zero) Control
      Measurement Range: 0 ~ 99 units

  • Printer
  •   Thermal Array Type
      Print Speed: 1, 2, 3 cm/min, high speed
      Auto Recod Period: Off, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60min
      Paper Feeding

  • Display
  •   7" Wide TFT-Color LCD: 800 (W) x 480 (H)
      - Rotating by 270˚: LCD Type
      3 Channels (FHR I, FHR II, UC)
      Large 7-segment & volume LED: LED Type
      - Rotating by 270˚: LED Type

  • Sound
  •   Doppler Sound
      Alarm Sound
      Information Sound

  • Set-up
  •   Alarm Upper / Lower Limit Value
      Time & Date
      Print Speed

  • Trend
  •   Data saving for 450 hours (3hr/Person): LCD Type

  • Language
  •   Korean, English, Deutsch, Italian, 6 other languages

  • Dimesion
  • 80mm (H) x 350mm (L) x 280mm (D)

  • Power
  •   Input: AC 100 ~ 240V (50/60 Hz)
      Output: DC 16V, 2.8A

  • External Link
  •   Wire: RS-232C
      Wireless: Bluetooth

  • Standard Accessory
  •   Ultrasound Doppler Probe 2ea
      UC Probe 1ea
      Event Marker 1 ea
      Print Paper 2ea
      Power Cord 1ea
      Ultrasound Gel 1ea
      Probe Belt 3ea
      Operation Manual 1ea
      Probe Holder 2ea

  • Optional Accessories
  •   AST (Acoustic Stimulator)
      Bluetooth & Antenna
      Rechargeable battery
      Wall mount bracket

  • Function
  •   Mark Function
      Display/Printer zoom-in function
      Auto print function
      Auto saving function
      FHR II Offset function (DOP II+20bpm)
      Heart sound recording in BCM330&BCM350
      Fetal movement print function
      Multi-language & quick guide function: LCD Type

  • Warranty
  •   2 Years (probe excluded)

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