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 Laboratory   : Analyzers Microscopes Spectrophotometers Centrifuges Water Baths Histology Incubators Test Kits Laminar Flow Benches Balances Refrigerators Rheometers Washers Water Purification Ovens Viewers Timers Plasma Extractors Mixers Electrophoresis Ultrasonic Cleaners Supplies Counters Freeze Dryers Freeze Storage Dry Baths Microbiology Pipettes Grinders
  BioTek Microplate Autowasher   Model: EL404

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  BioTek Microplate Strip Washer   Model: ELP-40

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  BioTek Universal Microplate Reader   Model: EL 808

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  Buck Scientific Atomic Spectrophotometer   Model: 210VGP

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  Buck Scientific Flame Photometer   Model: PFP-7

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  DNA Sequencing System

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  Elisa Microplate Reader   Model: LME 7400

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  Elisa Microplate Reader   Model: Elisa LME 2400

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  Evolution Spectrophotometer   Model: 600 UV-Vis

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  Genesys Spectrophotometer   Model: 20

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  Gilford   Model: Stasar III

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  Hybaid PCR Sprint Thermal Cycler

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  Microplate Reader   Model: Stat Fax 4200

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  Microstrip Luminometer   Model: LumiStat

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  Milton Roy   Model: Spectronic 21D UV

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  Perkin Elmer Thermo Cycler   Model: 9600 PCR System

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  Portable Colorimeter   Model: LME 400

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  Stat Fax Microplate Reader   Model: 3200

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  Stat Fax Microplate Reader   Model: 2100

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  Stat Fax Microplate Washer   Model: 2600

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  Stat Fax Microstrip Reader
  Model: 303+

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  Stat Wash Microwell Washer

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  Thermo Spectronic   Model: 20+/D+

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  VanKel Dissolution Tester Fraction Collector Circulator

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  Varian 9010 Solvent Delivery System

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  Varian 9050 Variable Wavelength UV-VIS Detector

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  Varian 9095 Autosampler

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