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 Laboratory   : Analyzers Microscopes Spectrophotometers Centrifuges Water Baths Histology Incubators Test Kits Laminar Flow Benches Balances Refrigerators Rheometers Washers Water Purification Ovens Viewers Timers Plasma Extractors Mixers Electrophoresis Ultrasonic Cleaners Supplies Counters Freeze Dryers Freeze Storage Dry Baths Microbiology Pipettes Grinders
  Accuscope Trinocular Compound Microscope   Model: 3000 Series

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  American Optical   Model: Microstar 110

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  AP Series Digital Microscope

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  Bausch & Lomb Binocular Microscope   Model: Balplan

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  Bristoline Digital Microscope with Camera

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  Bristoline Microscope

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  Bristoline Monocular Microscope

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  Educational Microscope   Model: Nikkon Eclipse E200

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  Expo Star Shutter Control   Model: 1190

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  Fisher Digital Inverted Microscope   Model: Micromaster with Infinity Optics

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  HA Series Advanced Compound Microscope

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  Inverted Microscope   Model: LME-3032-PH

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  Leica   Model: DM1000

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  Leica   Model: Galen III

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  Leitz   Model: Orthoplan 2

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  Leitz   Model: Laborlux D

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  LME Microscope   Model: LME-100-MCX

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  LME Stereo Microscope   Model: LME-APS-ZDB

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  Olympus   Model: CX31

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  STE Series Stereo Microscope

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  Universal Surgical Microscope   Model: S3 OPMI 6-S XY

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  Wesco Inverted Microscope   Model: VU 2700

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  Wild   Model: 5A

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