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  Backboards & Immobilization
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 Emergency   : Resuscitation Bags Trauma/Burn Kits Backboards & Immobilization Splints Emergency Cots Rescue Chairs First Aid Kit
  Adult/Pediatric Traction Splints   Model: FernoTrac

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  Cervical Collar   Model: WizLoc

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  LSP Half Back

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  LSP HDx Backboard

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  LSP Infant/Pediatric Immobilization Board

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  LSP LIFE+LITE Emergency Stretcher

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  LSP SpineX Backboard

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  LSP Stabilizer Backboard

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  LSP XTRA Backboard

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  Mortuary Scoop Stretcher   Model: ScoopEXL - Grey

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  NAJO Backboard   Model: RediHold

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  Pediatric Restraint System   Model: Pedi-Mate

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  Scoop Stretcher   Model: Model 65

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  Scoop Stretcher   Model: ScoopEXL Stretcher

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  Universal Head Immobilizer

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