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DIAPULSE New Technology in Wound Care Diapulse®
    Energy Electromagnetic Non-Thermal Pulsed High Frequency High Peak Power

    The body is both electrical and chemical ....

    Diapulse® a proven effective for wound care approach.

    Diapulse® Patented technology is a safe, cost effective in the treatment of post-operative edema and pain in superficial soft tissue in acute and chronic wounds

    Diapulse®, an excellent complement to the patient's recovery

    Advantages Diapulse®:

  • Effective Security

  • Simple Use

  • Processing through the bandage

  • Saving time
  • documented cost savings

  • Hospital home
  • Reimbursable for Hospitals / Nursing Homes / Doctors / Clinics

  • Affordable

  • Reduce the Cost of Wound Care

  • Improves Quality of Care

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