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Model: Omnisense 7000S

Osteoporosis is a major health problem for Americans today. With almost 50 percent of your female patients at risk for an osteoporotic fracture, accurate and comprehensive bone assessment is essential for your patients' health. Omnisense 7000s answers this need, with patient-friendly osteoporosis diagnosis and monitoring right in your office. Affordable and easy to use without compromising on accuracy and precision, Omnisense is the favored choice of thousands of practicioners worldwide.

Measurement Report

The Omnisense Measurement Report highlights all relevant information in an easy-to-understand format
  • Easy-to-read colored graph

  • Patient measurement history

  • Patient information

  • WHO compliant T-score results

  • Space for comments and recommendations

Multi-Site - The Right Way

Omnisense is the only bone sonometer which can measure at multiple skeletal sites. Multi-site testing provides a better chance of identifying individual cases of osteoporosis as well as flexibility in testing patients who cannot be tested at a particular skeletal site. Multi-site measurement also has advantages in monitoring treatment results, because different bones may respond to treatment at different rates.

Omnipath Technology

Sunlight proprietray Omnipath axial transmission technology measures the velocity of ultrasound waves propagating along the bone's maximal strength axis. Its "along the bone" measurement eliminates soft tissue effects, enabling a more accurate diagnosis.

  • Affordable and reimbursable

  • Easy to use

  • Patient-friendly

  • Windows operating system

  • Proprietary analysis software for Omnipath

  • Radiation-free

  • Precise and accurate, enabling effective monitoring

  • Testing at multiple skeletal sites

  • Unique patented technology

  • Male and female reference database

  • On-screen comparison and trending of prior results and reports

  • Patient scheduling and database management

  • Multi-media training tutorial

  • Precision: RMS CV = 0.4% - 0.81% in-vivo precision, depending on site

  • Measurement Sites:

    • Distal 1/3 radius (forearm)

    • Proximal phalanx III (finger)

    • Metatarsal V (foot)

  • Technology: Quantitative ultrasound, using Omnipath axial transmission technology

  • Measured parameter: Axially transmitted speed of sound (SOS), expressed in m/sec

  • Scan time: Less than one minute per skeletal site

  • Data Analysis: Compares SOS results with reference database and reports T-scores and Z-scores

  • Regulations and Certifications: IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2 Class B, UL 2601, Part 15 of the FCC rules, Class B, CE(0344) Mark

  • Display: Flat color display monitor (LCD)

  • Printers: Standard PC printers; Recommended list of printers appears in User Guide

  • Power: 100-240V (autoswitchable) and ~50-60 Hz

  • Power Consumption:

    • Approximately 85 VA (including LCD display)

    • 80 VA (system alone)

  • Main unit dimensions: 15.1" x 5.05" x 12.08"

  • Weight: Approximately 13 lbs.

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