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Puritan Bennett  Product Detail
Model: Companion 2801

  • Portable/Transportable Volume Ventilator

  • Designed with expanded capabilities to meet the requirements of a wide range of breathing disorders for adults and children.

  • Electrically power and microprocessor controlled.

  • Modes of Operation:

    • Control mode

    • Assist/Control mode

    • SIMV mode

    • No ventilation mode for battery charging during storage.

  • Controls:

    • Volume: 50 to 2800 ml.

    • Sigh volume: adjustable above normal volume setting 50 to 2800 mm (nominal); software limited to not exceed twice the normal volume.

    • Pressure limit: adjustable from +10 to +100 cmH2O (nominal).

    • Flow: adjustable from 20 to 120 cm (nominal).

    • Rate: adjustable from 1 to 69 breaths per minute at 1 breath increments.

    • Sensitivity: adjustable from -10 to +10 cmH2O (nominal).

    • Sight: three positions rotary switch from on, off, and manual.

    • Mode: rotary switch selects one of the three ventilation modes. The no ventilation setting also permits charging of both external and internal batteries while the AC power is set to on.

  • Patient/Operator Safety:

    • Low battery: audible alarm and red light.

    • Power switch over: AC to DC switchover with pulsing audible alarm.

    • Battery charger: two internal trickle chargers to help maintain external and internal battery charge levels.

    • Ventilator malfunction: constant audible alarm with flashing alarm lights.

  • Alarms:

    • High Pressure Alarm: Adjusts alarm and pressure limiting from +26 to +100 cm H2O, in 5 cm increments.

    • Low Pressure Alarm: From +2 to +32 cm H2O, in 2 cm increments.

    • Apnea:

      • In SIMV mode, audible alarm and red light at setting of 1 to 7 bpm.

      • In all modes, audible alarm and red light if airway pressure remains above the low pressure alarm setting for 15 seconds, opens exhalation valve to atmosphere.

  • Indicators:

    • Airway pressure meter: calibrated from -10 to +100 cm H2O in 2 cm increments.

    • Ventilator display: four digit LDC display for average flow in lpm, I:E ratio or volume in milliliters.

    • Breathing rate: adjustable from 1 to 89 bpm.

    • AC on/Batteries charging: continuous green light indicates external AC power is on and batteries are charging.

    • External battery: continuous amber light indicates external DC power in use.

    • Flow: Red light indicates inspiration time exceeds expiration time, and set rate is not being delivered.

    • Sensitivity: Green Light indicates patient's triggered breath or auto cycling.

    • Sigh: Green light indicates Sign mode is in operation.

  • Power Requirements:

    • AC power switch: Permits choice of power 100/120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2.5 amps; 220/240 VAC, 50/60 Hx, 1.6 amps.

    • DC output breakers: resetable 12 VDC.

  • Dimensions:

    • Width: 12 3/4" (32.4 cm)

    • Height: 10 5/8" (27 cm)

    • Depth: 13 1/4" (33.7cm)

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