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Zeiss  Product Detail
Model: SL 120

The ZEISS SL 120 Slit Lamp is a prime example of the successful synthesis of high optical performance and optimized operation that characterizes the slit lamps from Carl Zeiss Meditec. The SL 120 is an extremely versatile, all around performer. Applications include the anterior segment, the vitreous and fundus.

An outstanding optical system generates a brilliant, crisp image with razor-sharp definition for slit rotation, slit decentration for retro-illumination and an illuminated field of 14 mm. An optional tiltable prism head is available.

The SL 120's high transmission capability minimizes light loss which means more light for observation and greater protection of the patient's eye from excessive irradiation. More light also means improved documentation and fluorescent exams.

Ergonomic design wasn't an afterthought

Maximum ergonomic operation and comfort was the first priority for the SL 120 design. Practical benefits include a short working distance, comfortable arm and body posture, single-handed operation and optimally contoured controls for the sensitive adjustments of the slit length, width and rotation. Familiar joystick operation allows fast, precise control and a quick-action lock ensures the slit lamp can be fixed firmly in position at any time.

Accessories include devices for digital documentation, applanation tonometers, laser attachments and more.

Your choice of documentation

The range of accessories include 1CCD and 3CCD cameras. Benefits include extremely compact design, light weight and excellent image quality. 3CCD cameras may also be attached utilizing a beam splitter and appropriate optics.

The DigiCam adapter allows attachment of various digital cameras for both survey and slit photos. An additional, continuously adjustable illumination system is available to brighten the field surround the slit.

The ideal supplement to these photographic options is VISUPAC, a specially developed ophthalmology software containing a professional database and numerous image processing functions.

  • The system's high transmission minimizes light loss for more light for observation and greater protection of the patients' eye from excessive irradiation

  • Improved resolution results in images revealing finest structures at high contrast and more discernible details

  • Super high eyepoint eyepieces provide unrestricted operating comfort, even to operators wearing spectacles

  • Outstanding ZEISS optical system generates a brilliant, crisp image with razor-sharp definition—slit rotation, slit decentration for retro-illumination and an illuminated field of 14 mm

  • Magnification/eyepieces: 5x 8x 12x 20x 32x with 10x eyepieces with ±8 D compensation of ametropia, 6x 10x 16x 25x 40x with optional 12.5x eyepieces with ±8 D compensation of ametropia

  • Field of view: 40 -6 mm in diameter

  • Slit width: 0 – 14 mm, continuously adjustable; index markings at 0.3/1/2 mm

  • Slit length: in steps 0.3 /3.5 /8 /14 mm; 1 ... 6 mm continuously adjustable with scale

  • Slit rotation: continuous ±90 °, Tabo angle scale

  • Slit decentration: ±4 ° horizontal, click stop at 0 °

  • Swivel range of slit projector: ± 180 °, scale for angular difference

  • Angle of incidence: tiltable by 0 ° -20 ° for prism head with tilt prism; otherwise 0 °

  • Filters: Swing-in blue, green (red-free)

  • Heat absorbing filter, permanently integrated; Swing-in screen for diffuse illumination

  • Working distance: exit prism/patient’s eye 66 mm

  • Travel of instrument base: z axis 29 mm; x axis 110 mm; y axis 90 mm

  • Vertical adjustment of chin rest: 60 mm

  • Weight: basic unit 9.25 kg; headrest 1.25 kg

  • Illumination: 6 V 20 W halogen lamp

  • Brightness: continuously adjustable

  • Line connection: 100 to 240 V ± 10% (self sensing); 50 to 60 Hz

  • Instrument table: asymmetrical

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