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Dermocell  Product Detail
Model: BioGym

Electrostimulation is the application of currents, simulating the electric impulse that is sent from the nervous system to the muscle, which carries out contraction. This stimulus is done through the application of badges or electrodes on the surface of the muscle, located on the motor point with the purpose of making the muscle contract. The stimulus is the same as if the patient had received a nervous impulse.

Therapeutic Indications:
  • Painful processes of muscular and nervous origin (Neuritis, Mialgias, Articular pains, etc)

  • Muscular Hypotonia

  • Muscular Atrophies

  • Reduction of neuromuscular coordination

  • Injury of the spinal marrow

  • Facial and corporal Parálisis

Aesthetic Indications:
  • Muscular Reaffirmation

  • Increase of the tone and elasticity of the skin

  • Increase of muscular mass

  • Avoidance of secondary flaccidity in weigh loss processes

  • Aid in processes of cellulitis elimination

  • Facial and corporal lymphatic drainage

  • Patient with pace maker

  • Patient with cardiac illness, unless it is remitted by medical order.

  • Patient with epilepsy, unless it is applied under medical supervision.

  • After major surgical intervention.

  • On varicose veins.

  • During pregnancy.

The Bio Gym manages electro analgesia or transcutaneous electric stimulation, with the objective of stimulating the nervous system a-alpha fibers of quick conduction. This activation releases, at a central level, the setting in motion of the descending analgesic systems of inhibitory character on the non-seceptible vehicular transmission to the fibers of small caliber, obtaining the reduction of the pain.

The energy or isometric gymnastics is one that produces muscular contractions by means of the bipolar current of low frequency. The isometric contractions are ones in which there is no muscular reduction. When there is no movement, this contraction type develops of the musculature and is designed specifically for weigh loss treatments. It produces optimum results due to the energy consumption that causes the contraction type. For therapeutic treatments, it is indicated in patients with problems of retention of liquids and stimulates circulation.

The Dermocell Bio Gym E-16 equipment implements microcontrollers, that guarantee excellent operability. Their easy handling and control possibility of the diverse concerning variables to the application of currents for the human being's benefit, allow him to be so much an useful tool in the medical field as in the aesthetics.
  • Visualization of the information through a display alphanumeric LCD with backlight to facilitate the reading in atmospheres of dimness or darkness.

  • Control for each treatment application that allows the variance of the intensity according to the user's pleasure and necessity of the treatment.

  • Incorporates a system of operation security that detects when there is a breech in the control of intensity, preventing the initiation of the programmed session.

  • The software design implements a menu of sequential screens that facilitates the learning in the handling of the equipment, guiding the user in the course of the configuration.

  • Time of contraction: 1 to 45 sec

  • Time of relaxation: 1 to 75 sec

  • Session time: 5 á 120 min

  • Work time: 1 á 140Hz

  • Intensity: 100 to 250 upm

  • Control de Exits: Master / Únique

  • Polarity: Positive/Negative/Bipolar

  • Operation Mode: Synchronized /Asynchronized

  • Maximum operating power: 20Watts

  • Power in state of rest: 1 Watts

  • LCD screen- Format 20*4: 2.5cm* 7.5 cm

  • Guided programming by intelligent software

  • Number of exits: 8

  • Pedestals:

    • Dimensions: 86 x 53 x 14 cm

    • Weight: 9.2 Kilos

  • Packaged Equipment:

    • Dimensions: 57 x 46 x 26 cm

    • Weight: 4.8 Kilos

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