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Dermocell  Product Detail
Model: Tech Ultrasound

The Dermocell Ultrasound equipment possesses a totally digital system, facilitating its handling and control of the treatment variables. Some of the special characteristics of the Dermocell Ultrasound equipment are:
  • LCD screen with (Back Light) for optimum reading of the treatment variables.

  • Completely digital, user friendly operating system, that guides the operator in the programming of the machine.

  • Constant monitoring of the temperature of the bolster during the period of execution, with direct visualization of the value read on the LCD screen.

  • Protection of the excess of temperature in the treatment bolster, gauged at 40șC, which protects and lengthens the life of the electro glass piece

  • Cellulite

  • General fibrosis processes (post operational processes in plastic surgeries).

  • Analgesic effect and muscular relaxation

  • Ligament and tendon lesions

  • Muscle-tendon fibrosis

  • Retractile scars

  • Keyloids

  • Stimulation

  • Hiperemia

  • Increase in the permeability of the cellular membrane

  • Improvement in articular movement

  • Do not apply over specialized tissues: ovaries, testicles y heart

  • Pregnancy

  • During menstruation or the days in close proximity

  • Do not irradiate the growth cartilage (children and young adults in the growth stage)

  • Pace makers

  • Trombophlebitis

  • Coagulopathias and hemmorages, patients hepatic on a continuous basis

  • Eyes

  • Ears

  • Intrauterine devices

  • Tumors

  • Operation frequency in normal mode: Tolerance: +/- 3%

  • Operation time: 5 min to 30 min +/- 1 seg.

  • Cycle control: 10% to Continuous +/- 1%

  • Base time for regular cycle: 10 m seg

  • Maximum power emitted from the ultrasound head: 10Watts +/- 0.5 Watts

  • Maximum functioning power: 90 Watts +/- 10Watts

  • Power factor: 0.95 +/ 0.5

  • Frequencies in the hand piece: 1 o 3 MHz

  • LCD screen- Format 20*4: 2.5 cm*7.5 cm

  • Guided programming by intelligent software

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