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Dermocell  Product Detail
Model: Microderm Classic

Microdermabrassion is a non invasive technique of quick and safe exfoliation using fine crystals of aluminum oxide that removes the superficial layers of the skin, producing excellent results from the first session.

The system of suction of the equipment allows that the microcrystals that are in constant contact with the skin are removed and immediately absorbed by the hand piece. In turn, they elongate the collagen fibers, stimulating the production of fibroblasts. As a result, there is an increase of collagen and elastin, not only improving the external quality of the skin but also its tone.
  • Microdermabrassion is aimed at the renovation of the patient's skin.

  • Corrects the lines of expression, cutaneous pleats, queratosis, irregularities of the surface of the skin.

  • Dry or dehydrated Skin, spots caused by exposure to the sun, chemical products, aging or burns.

  • Comedones Extraction.

  • Chronic acne, superficial scars or recent grooves

The Microdermabrassion Dermocell equipment incorporates innovative concepts, precise digital processing, advanced technology, electronic instrumentation using sensors of high definitive measure to achieve the control and detail of the application of the therapy during the treatment.

The Microderm Classic equipment incorporates the highest standard in digital technology, high precision sensors, and a state of the art mechanical system made under scientific research. It offers the professional of the aesthetics and health field, a highly versatile, reliable, precise, and easy tool to manipulate.

  • Timer: Digital

  • Maximum vacuum level: 18 Inches Hg.

  • Minimum vacuum level: 5 Inches Hg.

  • Operation mode: Manual

  • Maximum work time: 60 minutes

  • Minimum work time: 5 mínutes

  • Display: 7 segments displayed

  • Pedestals:

    • Dimensions: 86 x 52 x 18 cm

    • Weight: 8.2 Kilos

  • Packaged Equipment:

    • Dimensions: 89 x 52 x 18 cm

    • Weight: 20.4 Kilos

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