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Dermocell  Product Detail
Model: Tech Vacuum Advantage

Dermocell vacuumtherapy equipment incorporates innovative concepts, advanced technology, and electronic instruments to sensitize measurement at a high level of definition. The precision and optimum functioning of the equipment guarantee detailed control of the therapy application during the treatment. The software has an operating system designed to guide the user from turning on the equipment until the final application on the patient, with clear text and signals on each of the navigation windows.

Dermocell vacuumtherapy is a method, which incorporates the main mechanics and functions used in making aesthetic alterations. Dermocell's vacuumtherapy equipment has a hand piece system with a novel design, which has central roller. The traction generated by the hand piece, slides over the skin, creating a fold and producing an elongation of the connective fibers that are retracted. The elongation loosens the skin without trauma locally or to the posterior fibrosis.

Vacuumtherapy is based on a mixture of two techniques recognized for the benefits proven in the aesthetics field- deep massage and negative pressure. When this deep tissue kneading is carried out towards the muscle fibers and the lymphatic ganglion, a heat effect is produced at the local level.

Vacuumtherapy was a technique originally designed in 1970 to treat scars from burns. Over time, the field of aesthetics began in order to reduce contour and improve the appearance of the skin. Vacuumtherapy combined with different action mechanisms, stimulate the sanguine irrigation, activating lymphatic drainage. This gives direct stimulation to the fiberblast and increases the production of collagen and elastin, which not only increases the texture, but also the tone of the treated zone in the following ways:
  • Increase in the flexibility of the skin.

  • Releases veined and lymphatic fluid.

  • Exfoliates the epidermis, making the skin more smooth.

  • Stimulates the dermis and the hypodermis.

  • Loosens muscular tension.

Vacuumtherapy is a technique that is recognized worldwide as the most effective on the problem of cellulite and is also effective on:
  • Corporal molding

  • Lifting of the gluteus

  • Improvement in the quality of the skin

  • LCD screen with back Light for optimum reading

  • Completely digitized operating system, controlled by a mico-chip that accurately distributes the execution parameters.

  • Digital vacuometer that shows the drainage level instantaneously and precisely.

  • Compound mode of operation that permits the execution of a programmed body part of the treatment: Inferior extremities, gluteus, abdomen, back, and face.

  • Frequency of oscilation of the adjustable suction, according to heart beat of each patient.

  • Maximum drainage level: 20 Inches Hg.

  • Minimum drainage level: 2.5 Inches Hg.

  • Language: Spanish/English/French

  • Operation Modes: Manual / Automatic

  • Corporal areas in automatic mode: Inferior extremities, Gluteus, Abdomen, Back, Arms and Bust

  • Maximum session time in manual mode: 60 minutes

  • Vacuum levels: 1 a 10

  • LCD screen- Format 20*4: 4.3 cm * 12.3 cm

  • Guided programming by intelligent software

  • Real time with registered dates of the time of use of the equipment and registers of the time of use in the last 5 days.

  • Pedestals:

    • Dimensions: 26 x 52 x 18 cm

    • Weight: 6.6 Kilos

  • Packaged Equipment:

    • Dimensions: 50 x 44 x 28 cm

    • Weight: 14.3 Kilos

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