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Klein Peristatic Pump  Product Detail

The Klein Pump provides optimum flow rate for procedures requiring tumescent infiltration. Operates on any voltage worldwide. Optical cut off switch with safety Interlock and easy load head. Includes Single Spike Tubing, Double Spike Tubing, Dual Pneumatic Foot Switch, User's manual.

  • Operates on any voltage worldwide

  • "On-Off” Switch Modes

    • Radio-Button mode: Each time the footswitch is depressed the pump goes from on to off, or from off to on. If the pump is initially off, then stepping on the footswitch turns on the pump, and the pump remains on until footswitch is again depressed.

    • Pressure mode: Applying pressure to footswitch turns-on the pump, and removing pressure from footswitch turns-off the pump.

  • Audible Fluid-Volume Flow-Rate Indicator

  • Increasing frequency of beeping sound indicates increasing Fluid-Volume flow rate.

  • Beeping Sound-Volume feature can be turned off or on

  • Beeping Sound-Volume can be adjusted (when on)

  • Optical cut off switch

  • Safety Interlock Non-Conductive

  • Easy Load Head

  • Weight: 10 lbs

  • Dimension: 12 x 9 x 6

  • Power: 24 VDC 1 Amp.

  • Drive: Single Direction

  • Motor: 0 to 600 RPM

  • Foot Switches: Two pneumatic footswitches (One for each side of the OR table)

  • Flow Rate: Up to 1000ml/min (depending upon tubing and pump speed)

  • Safety: Met Lab UL 2601-1

  • Single Spike Tubing

  • Double Spike Tubing

  • Two Pneumatic Foot Switches

  • User’s Manual

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