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Model: IPL

Pulsed Light Hair Removal
For many men and women, undesired hair may be a nightmare. Until now, the only options to remove undesired hair were creams, razors, waxes or painful electrolysis needles. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), has came to revolutionize corporal beauty, such a way that now, both men and women are satisfied with the results as to definitive depilation matter.

What is Intense Pulsed Light?
The IPL process uses an intense pulsed light in order to obtain the undesired hair depilation, avoiding the shaving or wax procedure routine.

Treatments using IPL transform your skin, making it more silky and smooth.

This technology exceeds to the old painful techniques used in depilation. It may be used in wide zones treatment like the back, thighs, arms, legs and face, and, the best part, it is a safe, fast, soft and effective method for progressive depilation.

Which are the IPL depilation benefits?
Big zones can be treated at same time.

It is equally effective for both lighter and darker skin.

Less probabilities of pigmentary alterations.

Less pain and discomfort compared with another depilatory techniques.

IPL is effective in almost any corporal area where a smooth, young-looking and hair-free skin is desired.

How many treatments will be necessary?
The number of needed treatments in order to obtain optimal long-term results, depend on the treated area, hair density and growth cycle.

Hair growth is determined by cycles, regulated by multiple influence factors. Age, race, weight, hormones, diet, medicine and metabolism, among others, play an important role in the hair localization, thickness and resistance.

IPL delays the follicles growth capacity and growth cycle at the same time. Sometimes, some hair follicles may begin to grow after treatment, because of that several sessions (4 to 8) can be required in order to obtain optimal results.

What differences IPL from electrolysis and laser?
Electrolysis or electric hair removal, is a slower process. With electrolysis, a needle is introduced in each hair follicle, one at time. When the needle is introduced, an electric shock burns the follicle in order to delay its growth.

IPL only uses intense pulsed light energy. It is virtually painless and, unlike depilatory lasers, it can effectively act over pigmented skins without color alterations. IPL depilation can remove in a safe and effective way any color hair: blond, red, brown, dark and even hoary.

Using IPL process we can treat hair in highly sensitive areas, as lips and mammas.

Treatment may take few minutes to one hour, depending on the treated area.

IPL treatments are painless and effective.

Treatment follow up
After treatment you can immediately return to your normal familiar and professional activity. Using some specifically formulated cosmetic product may be recommended for hairless skin care.

We always recommend the use of Total Hydrating Skin for treated zones exposed to the sun light.

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