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Model: Carboxy

Carboxitherapy is the percutaneous or subcutaneous application of carbon dioxide with therapeutic purposes. Such CO2 application is performed using an equipment able to control the gas volume (cm3) with a constant pressure for a determined time. The gas must be medicinal kind, anaerobic, with 99.9% of purity.

This therapy has been used since 1930 in the Royat thermal (France), where was discovered the benefic effect of the CO2 produced by the thermal water. There a group of cardiologists began to use the thechnique in order to treat periferical artheriopathy, organic and functional; in Argentina, Dr. Dicio refers to the subcutaneous use of carbon dioxide. In 1953, doctor Jean BaptisteRomuef, published a work regarding 20 years of experience in the subcutanoues application of CO2. Across the years, the number of patients in the thermal station has increased progressively, like the number of persons treated with carboxitherapy. Statistics from the Royat Institute for Cardiovascular Research indicate that to 1994 around 30.000 patients with periferical artheriopathy for different causes have received carboxitherapy, showing hopeful results with regard to functional recovery.

Another important CARBOXITHERAPY advantage discovered lately, lies in to be a very effective technique on aesthetic treatments.

Vacuum-therapy was a technique designed in 1970, inicially to treat burn scars.

Over time it started to be applied in the aesthetics field because of the contorn reduction as well as the skin appearnce improvement obtained by its use. Vacuum-therapy was designed in 1970, inicially in order to treat burn scars. Over time it started to be applied in the aesthetics field and DERMOCELL TECHNOLOGIES creates the worldwide vacuum-therapy technique, specially designed to reduce corporal contorn and improve the skin appearance.

Carboxitherapy action mechanism
The CO2 is introduced in a subcutaneous level using a 30g needle put in the sample line. The distribution control is performed through a pedal; when the pedal is pressed, the equipment indicates that it is open. From the chosen dose the equipment decreases it from 10cm3 to 10 cm3, for example, from 500cm3 to 490cm3, and so on.

While the CO2 is applied, it is evident a subcutaneous emphysema extending through an about 10 cm area around, this can be followed by an erythema with a heat sensation, which evidences the gas effect and vascular activity.

Subcutaneous CO2 suministration causes a vasodilation of the subcutaneous microcircle. When the oxyhemoglobin is feeding our body with O2 immediately after the injection of CO2, it is interpreted as a decompensation and the O2 amount is increased on this zone, so it presents a vasodilation and the local oxygenation is increased, while the hemoglobin captures the CO2 that has been introduced into the body. This action is manifested through the flux velocity increase and the opening of virtual capillaries, normally closed in paraphysiological conditions.

CO2 effects are demonstrated by studies developed through microangiological researching (Videocapillarocopy using optical probe). It shows a capillary and active venular vasodilation and a microvascular tessitura increase.

Subcutaneous Carboxitherapy Indications
  • Fibro sclerosing edematous paniculopathy (cellulite)
  • Localized adiposity
  • Artery vascular pathologies

  • Pharmaco dynamics
  • Active vasodilation
  • Oxidative phenomena increase
  • Gold effect increase (blood arteriolization)
  • Cell oxygenation increase
  • Lipolytical effect
  • Sympathethic-lytical effect

  • Contraindications
  • IAM, unstable angina
  • ICC
  • Acute thrombophlebitis
  • Localized infections
  • Pregnancy
  • Renal and respiratory failure

  • Carboxi Dermocell Equipment
    CARBOXI unity was created under scientific research, which guarantees an easy handling safe equipment.

    The novel technique of CO2 use, coupled with the best of cutting edge technology, results in this powerful tool for medicine and aesthetics. The use of high quality elements, incorporation of high precission sensors and manufacturing under demanding quality control parameters, allow us to guarantee a high level device oriented to medic and aesthetic professionals.

    The system is totally digital, making easier its management and the treatment variables control. Some Carboxi Dermocell equipment special technical features are:
  • LCD visualization screen, with back light for an optimal reading of the treatment variables even in darkness or dark light.
  • Fully digital operative system, controlled by a microcomputer which provides high accuracy in the execution parameters
  • Input and output pressure digital reading
  • Continous CO2 pressure digital input and output monitoring in order to achieve absolute system control. The unity has a security alarm for the user in case of inadequate equipment pressure.
  • Manual and automatic operation modes, that allow to schedule the CO2 dosification to the patient according to the treatment zone.

  • Accessories
    o 415 lts of cylinder capacity.
    o Precalibrated medical grade input regulator
    o Pedestal
    o Operation manual
    o Training video on DVD

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