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Dermocell  Product Detail
Model: Blue Light

Dermocell Blue Light is the latest in tooth whitening equipment in which teeth are exposed to a 470 nm wavelength ligth corresponding to blue color (blue light) in order to photoactivate a chemical compound (hydrogen peroxide) acting as a bleaching agent on the tooth. It is essential in aesthetic dental treatments.

Advances in the world of aesthetics, allow us to enjoy the privilege of find in DERMOCELL a high range of specially designed devices to improve aesthetics of any person.

Intended Use
Teeth exposed to 470 nm wavelength light waves with the aim of photoactivate a chemical compound (hydrogen peroxide), which in turn will filter through the thousands of tubes present in the tooth surface, until reach the dentin layer, which helps to change the tooth color tone.

Operating Principle
Photoactivation of the hydrogen peroxyde by 470 nm wavelength light to decrease the teeth color tone.

  • Donít forget always to use and provide to patients eye protection for 470 nm light.
    Do not use the equipment in following cases:
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Dental trauma
  • Root resorption
  • Developmental deffects of enamel
  • Significant enamel loss
  • Cracks or fissures
  • Caries
  • Untreated periodontal disease
  • Pigmentation caused by amalgam corrosion
  • Maladjusted resins
  • Teeth with large restorations or fillings repeated on the same tooth.
  • Very dark teeth
  • Abnormal tooth morphology (internal estructure may be rare)

  • Treatment Effects
    Whitening intensity will depend on each patient and his particular color which will be analyzed by the specialist to determine the procedure expectations.

    Almost all teeth have a good response except those with tetracyclines staining (brown or grey colors). An ambulatory bleaching is suggested for a longer period that may reach three to six months. This way, you can get a safe and gradual whitening, althought it is still difficult to make a prediction about the final color.

    For example, in an A 3.5 type color, the stimated bleaching is about 6 or 7 tones up to the A1. Each person has an specific color, which can be equated to the dental shade guide and so a final procedure result estimate can be made.

    Technical Specifications
    Visualization LCD scree with background light (76 mm x 27 mm)
    Power Supply 120/130 VAC; 50/60 Hz
    Dimensions 115 cm x 88.5 cm x 91 cm aprox. (Heigth, width, depth)
    Weight 10.46 kilograms
    IP Classification IP x 1
    Electric Shock Protection Class 1, BF type applicable part
    External Fuse 0.5A 250V
    Internal Fuse 4A 125V
    Cycle Time 1-20 minutes
    Output Potency Light beam 100mW to 1000mW
    Storage Mode No exception, packed in boxes and packaging accessories, supplied with equipment, avoid absolute accelerations exceeding 1G (linear velocity down to 8m/s).

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