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Phototherapy Lamp  Product Detail
Model: AI-P2000 Mval 1214

  • Great Radiation in both the middle and the borders of the irradiated area
  • Infra-red and ultra-violet ray attenuator.
  • Plastic boxed control unit contains soft touch buttons and microprocessed control to various functions.
  • Wide adjustment of radiation intensity according to basic necessities.
  • Watch and calendar
  • Treatment time counter.
  • Memory of the radiation, manual or automatic measurements, to print in report
  • RS232 output for printers or computers.
  • easy access to the supply module, to clean the fan or change it.
  • Allows combining systems for double phototherapy.
  • Radiometer with optical probe optional.
  • Allows for 240 degree rotation around the body.
  • Plus inland freight to Miami. Technical Specifications
  • Emission Source: 5 Blue spectrum Super LED's 460 nm focus
  • Estimated life for supply module: 20.000 hours
  • Intensity: Intensity 35-40 uW/cm2 nm (Average at the center of the illuminated focus 30 cm distance)
  • Area of the illuminated focus: 40x30 cm
  • Body temperature elevation: <1.5 Centigrades (Enviroment 25 Centigrades)
  • Noise: <50 dBA
  • Power: 127/220/240 V - 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 11.6x24x6 cm
  • Dimensions with Stand: 55 x 67 x 150/110 cm

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