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Burton  Product Detail
Model: CoolSpot II

No light in its price category can match the CoolSpotTM II's range of 10,000 footcandles at 24" (61cm) and color temperature of up to 4700 degrees K. It's a sleek upgrade that offers a very compact head and extremely bright output. Perfect for Birthing Rooms, Emergency Rooms, Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons. Plus, Coolspot TM II single ceiling, double ceiling and combo models are standard with either 30" or 42" (.76m or 1.07m) drop tubes for added convenience. Specify drop tube length at time of order only. The CoolSpotTM II is available in complete models only due to its unique design. The new, aesthetic CoolSpotTM II offers all features of the CoolSpotTM and more.

  • 4800 footcandles at 24."

  • Up to 10,000 footcandles at 24" and 4000 footcandles at 1 meter.

  • Includes removable, autoclavable SteriHandleTM and disposable light cover sample.

  • Color temperature of 4700 degrees K.

  • Low-voltage operation minimizes electrical hazards.

  • Variable spot size of 2"-10" (5-25cm) diameter.

  • New option for drop tube lengths for ceiling mounts-- choice of 30" or 42" (.76m or 1.07m).

  • Low voltage 150 watt halogen bulb with 500 hour life.

  • 115V standard; 100V, 220V, 240V, IEC 601 models also available.

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