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Amsco 100% EO Sterilizer / Aerator  Product Detail
Model: Eagle 3017

Eagle Series 3000 Control System monitors and controls system operations and functions. Cycle progresses automatically through sterilization and aeration phases. The controller indicates cycle completion visually and audibly. Control features programmed cycle parameters conforming to AAMI standards for ethylene oxide sterilization and aeration. Control interface is designed to help prevent inadvertent selection of cycles.

For use in sterilizing heat and moisture sensitive materials unable to withstand the high temperature and turbulence of conventional steam sterilization.

Amsco Eagle 3017 100% Ethylene Oxide (EO) Sterilizer / Aerator with digital printer and optional remote control capability (sold separately) is equipped with the patented Envirogard exhaust system, which further reduces possible EO levels in the breathing zone. This sterilizer / aerator uses single dose gas cartridges (sold separately) as the EO supply. Control is provided with preset, qualified cycle parameters. Parameters can be adjusted by user to meet specific applications.


Sterilizer is equipped with four preset cycles:
  • HI_TEMP cycle for dynamic conditioning at 130F (54C). This cycle can be used for most heat and moisture sensitive materials. Factory set sterilize time: 1.0 hour. Adjustable sterilize time: 1.0 hour (minimum) to 99 hours - 99 minutes.

  • LO_TEMP cycle for loads requiring lower temperatures and less humidity at 100F (38 C). Factory set sterilize time: 4 1/2 hours. Adjustable sterilize time: 4 1/2 hours (minimum) to 99 hours - 99 minutes.

  • Adjustable sterilize temperature range is 100 F (38 C) minimum, to 131F (55 C).

Chamber remains in vacuum condition throughout the sterilization cycle. At the end of the sterilization cycle. At the end of the sterilization phase, a 30-minute air wash is followed by a preset aeration phase.


Aeration time is factory set for each cycle as follow:
  • HI_TEMP cycle (at 130F [54C], with 1 hour sterilize time) - aeration time is 12 hours.

  • LO_TEMP cycle ( at 100F [38 C], with 4 1/2 hours sterilize time) - aeration time is 36 hours.

Aeration within the chamber further reduces potential operator exposure to environmental EO by eliminating the transfter of the load to a separate aerating unit. The unit can be operated as a sterilizer only.

Maximum Operating Weight: 300 lbs (136 kg)

  • Shipping Weight: 365 lbs (166 kg)

  • Shipping Dimension: 36 3/4" x 36 3/4" x 40 3/4" (933 x 933 x 1035 mm)

  • Heat Loss:

  • Peak: 872 BTU/hr

  • Average: 785 BTU/hr

  • Air Consumption: 7 cfm

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