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Tuttnauer  Product Detail
Model: 66 Mid-Range Series

  • The autoclave operates with saturated steam as the sterilizing agent with a temperature range from 105 °C (221°F) to 137 °C (279 °F) and a working pressure that meets AMSE and PED requirements.

  • Each autoclave model is available with either single or double door:

    • Fully automatic vertical sliding door

    • Hinged door with automatic locking

  • The laboratory autoclaves are designed to meet BL3 and BL4 bio-safety levels. Furthermore, an optional Bio-Hazard system allows for an effluent decontamination cycle that sterilizes contaminated laboratory waste.

  • Our quality features enable the convenience and durability needed to operate an autoclave with complete peace of mind.

  • The fully jacketed chamber is constructed of long lasting 316L grade stainless steel with superior corrosion resistance.

  • In addition, the generator and piping are constructed of stainless steel.

  • The pneumatic valves are air pressure operated, reducing maintenance.

  • They are safer and more reliable, eliminating the requirement for high voltage. In addition, if no buttons or switches are operated for four hours, the autoclave will switch to standby mode

Door Safety:
  • The doors are designed with independent mechanical and digital safety features that guarantee a safe working of the sterilizer.

  • A safety device prevents the operator from opening the door when chamber is pressurized.

  • Steam is not allowed into the chamber when the door is open

  • A cycle will not start if the door is open or not properly closed

  • The door cannot open until chamber pressure reaches room pressure

  • Sliding Door Safety - The sliding door progress will automatically stop if an obstruction is detected

  • Double Door Safety – interlocks prevent both doors from being opened simultaneously

General Safety Features:
  • Double Independent Monitoring: The combined digital and mechanical monitoring provides a cross reference and guarantees accurate results.

  • The operator has two independent means to monitor temperature and pressure.

  • Safety Valves: Both the chamber and the jacket are equipped with safety valves – if the pressure exceeds the allowed limit the safety valves will discharge.

  • Built-in Steam Generator Safety: A water level monitoring system maintains a constant water level and ensures safe operation of the heaters.

  • Emergency Shut-Off: Easily accessible emergency switches for immediate and safe shut down of the sterilizer.

Liquid Loads
  • The laboratory sterilizers are designed for treating sensitve liquid loads.

  • The autoclaves ensure that the correct sterilization temperature is attained when sterilization starts and that sterilization is initiated only when a temperature probe placed inside the medium reaches the preset threshold temperature.

  • Tuttnauer offers advanced options that minimize the exposure time of liquids to high temperatures thereby preventing over cooking without compromising on sterilization results.

Fast Cooling
  • Accelerated chamber cooling is carefully controlled before chamber doors can be opended preventing a sudden drop in chamber pressure and temperature that can cause liquids to boil over.

  • Tuttnauer’s accelerated cooling technology reduces the number of cycles per day and protects the load by minimizing its exposure to high temperatures.

  • Rapid cooling typically reduces cooling time by as much as 75%.

Improved Air Removal
  • Effective steam prenetration of wrapped, porous and hollow loads is achieved due to air removal prior to sterilzation by an efficient vacuum pump.

  • The post-vacuum drying phase ensures complete drying of porous loads and hollow instruments, and guarantees that even the most difficult loads will easily reach sterility assurance levels.

Advanced Sterilization Cycles
  • F0 Cycle

  • The "equivalent kill effect" F0 value is calculated during the heat-up phase of a sterilization cycle thereby reducing total media exposure time.

  • Sterilization exposure time begins when the slowest-to-heat load temperature sensor within the autoclave has reached a predetermined set temperature.

Streaming Steam Cycle (105°C)
  • The streaming cycle is most commonly used for melting agar in Petri dishes.

  • It is a low temperature sanitation cycle set at 105°C.

  • Steam is allowed to enter the chamber and the fast exhaust valve is opened to allow steam to stream over the contents of the unit.

Disinfection/Isothermal Cycle (70-95°C)
  • A flexible low temperature cycle enables disinfection (“low” temperature isothermal).

  • Temperature range settings are flexible within 70°C - 95°C range.

Models Available:
  • Model 6690

    • Chamber Dimensions (WxHxD) mm (inc.): 610 x 610 x 915

    • Chamber Volume (Liter): 340

  • Model 66120

    • Chamber Dimensions (WxHxD) mm (inc.): 610 x 610 x 1215

    • Chamber Volume (Liter): 450

  • Model 666690

    • Chamber Dimensions (WxHxD) mm (inc.): 660 x 660 x 915

    • Chamber Volume (Liter): 400

  • Model 6666120

    • Chamber Dimensions (WxHxD) mm (inc.): 660 x 660 x 1215

    • Chamber Volume (Liter): 530

  • Model 6666137

    • Chamber Dimensions (WxHxD) mm (inc.): 660 x 660 x 1370

    • Chamber Volume (Liter): 600

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