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Tuttnauer  Product Detail
Model: 5075HS

The 5075HS is a fully featured stand alone, 160 liter Tuttnauer autoclave. It is a convergence of size and simplicity. Our expertise with large, industrial sterilization technology was packaged into the 5075HS, a floor standing, pre & post vacuum sterilizer.

Although its large volume, it is as simple and easy to use as a table top autoclave. The 5075HS is ideal for most applications. It is commonly used for fast cycles in the operating theatre, outpatient clinics, plastic surgeries and other regional and mid size healthcare facilities.

The 5075HS series is available in two models: the 5075HSG model is built with a powerful 18Kw stainless steel, electric steam generator for faster sterilization cycles. The 5075HS model comes with a direct connection to hospital steam supply.

The 5075HS chamber is surrounded by a coiled jacket that increases overall cycle speed and performance by maintaining chamber warmth when in standby mode. The coiled jacket also ensures uniform heat distribution to the chamber. The system also provides deep and powerful vacuum and is equipped with a high volume water ring, vacuum pump for reliable and complete air removal.

The 5075HS provides all the features and reliability of a hospital grade sterilizer at a high throughput and a considerably lower cost.

  • Load capacity of 160 liters at minimal foot print

  • High volume water ring vacuum pump for fast and efficient air removal

  • Connection to external draining, mineral free and tap water supply for automatic filling and draining of water

  • Stand by heating mode keeps the autoclave warm and ready to use

  • 316L grade stainless steel chamber and door with electro polish finish

  • Double locking safety device prevents door from opening at high pressure and high temperature

  • Control lock out switch prevents starting a cycle if door is not properly locked

  • Built in alpha numeric printer

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