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Model: 2200

The 2200 Model 1 is compact, robust and flexible, easy to move and was designed for military field hospitals, general civilian hospitals, office-based anesthesia and surgery centers of every description.

The 2200 Model 1 is pneumatically powered and may be mounted on a table top or mobile cart.

The 2200 Model 1 is designed as a simple to operate unit containing all of the modes and necessary components to deliver a basic anesthetic, including a mechanical ventilator and a single agent vaporizer. All of the safety systems required are employed onboard and easy to utilize.

Physiologic monitoring of the operators choice, may be employed as a separate, but necessary device. In standard use, the 2200 Model 1 may be used with a variety of face masks, endotracheal/tracheostomy tubes and other approved artificial airways that are a standard in any operating theater.

  • Height: 23 inches

  • Depth: 23 inches

  • Width: 17 inches

  • Weight

    • Free-Standing: 45 LBS

    • Fully Enclosed: 100 LBS

  • Case Material: Military Grade Plastic

  • All other Materials: Aluminum, brass and plastic

  • Operating Temperature Range: 35 to 110 degrees, F.

  • Gas Supply Sources

    • 02 Main and Cylinders: 38-70 psi (50 psi is optimal)

    • Air and/or Air Compressor: 38-70 psi (50 psi is optimal)

    • Oxygen Concentrator: 3-10 psi

  • Flowmeter Fresh Gas Flow: 1 to above 20 lpm (each flowmeter)

  • Oxygen Flush Valve: Recessed, self-closing, push button color coded and labeled, provides 45-55 lpm constant flow while push-button is depressed

  • CO2 Absorber System: King Systems KAB-9, (re-fillable) or KAB-1 (pre-filled/disposable)

  • C02 Absorber Canister Capacity: 400 grams soda-lime

  • Directional Valves: Built-in the CO2 absorber

  • CO2 Absorber Holding Bracket: Plastic, secured with knob to main frame of machine.

  • Bag-Ventilator Switch/PRV and Scavenger Outlet Port : Hand-operated selector switch and rotating knob for PRV and scavenging outlet.

  • Bellows: Latex free, upward inflating, range from 0 to 1.6L

  • Bellows Pressure Relief: Pre-set at 60 cmH20

  • Common Gas Outlet: Size indexed, quick connect

  • Tubing Circuit: King Systems F-360-61 or any standard anesthesia circle circuit

  • Gas Pressure Hoses: DISS/thread indexed, female connectors at both ends

  • Gas Inlet Manifold: DISS/thread indexed, male connectors with one-way valves

  • Oxygen and Air Supply Gauges: 0-3000 PSI reading color coded and clearly labeled

  • Gas Inlet Manifold Filters: Located behind Manifold Air and O2 inlet male connectors.

  • Gas Inlet Pressure Regulators: 0-3000 PSI reading color coded and clearly labeled

    • Main Supply Cylinder: DISS/thread indexed for O2

    • Safety back up Cylinder: Pin indexed, yoke mounted for "D" and "E" cylinders for 02

  • Oxygen Supply Alarms

    • Main and Safety back-up: Pneumatically actuated when O2 supply falls below 35 psi

    • O2 Concentrator: Pneumatically actuated when O2 supply falls below 1psi

    • Alarm power source: 9-volt battery located in body of alarm box

    • Alarm on/off: Labeled toggle switch located on body of alarm box.

  • Air and O2 Flowmeters: Calibrated and scaled 0-10 LPM color coded. O2 flowmeter has a fluted control knob for easy identification by touch

  • Oxygen Concentrator: To power O2 flowmeter only

  • Air Compressor: May be used to power ventilator and air flowmeter

  • Oxygen Analyzer/Monitor: OM-25-ME (or equivalent) Sensor life expectancy 2 years under normal conditions

  • Oxygen Analyzer Power Source: 2 each AA batteries, life expectancy approx. 3000 use hours

  • Auxillary O2 Flow Selector: Scaled 0-10 LPM in set increments, used for pre/post anesthesia

  • Vaporizer: Penlon SigmaDelta Series, bolt (cage) mounted, temperature compensated, very low maintenance

  • Airway Pressure Gauge: Dual scaled in cmH20 and mmHg, located on front panel of ventilator

  • Pressure Gauge Tubing: Attached to bag/vent switch arm

  • Mechanical Ventilator: Pneumatically powered, time cycled, volume constant, pressure variable

    • Volume Range: 0 to 1.6 L

    • Insp. Flow Range: 0 to .90 lps

    • Insp. Time Range: 0.2 to 3.0 seconds

    • Exp. Time Range: 0.2 to 30 seconds

  • Ventilator Gas Power Requirements: 40 to 70 psi, 50 psi optimal. Use toggle switch to select gas source

  • Waste Gas Scavenger: Positive and negative relief valves, 1 L reservoir bag, vacuum control knob

  • Total Machine Gas Leakage

    • @ 30cm H2O: 0ML/min

    • @ 80cm H2O: 0ML/min

  • Internal System Compliance

    • @ 20cm H2O: 1.1ML/cm H2O

    • @ 40cm H2O: 1.3ML/cm H2O

  • Internal System Resistance

    • @ 1.0L/sec gas flow: 4.11cm H2O

    • @ 0.5L/sec gas flow: 1.80cm H2O

  • APL Valve Pressure Drop

    • @ 3.0L/min gas flow: 0.12cm H2O

    • @ 30L/min gas flow: 1.03cm H2O

  • Storage

    • Indoor: + 160 °F Allow unit to warm to room temp.

    • Indoor / Outdoor: -30 °F Allow unit to warm to room temp.

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