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Anesthesia Machine  Product Detail
Model: Aespire 7900 SmartVent

  • With Sevo vaporizer
  • with 7900 Smart Vent ventilator
  • Does not include the Cardiocap monitor


    • Large 12-inch color ventilator display with color waveform and alarm message indicators
    • Lightweight and compact for easy maneuverability
    • Optional total fresh gas modules for electronic measurement and display of the total fresh gas flow and individual gas flow (O2, air, N2O)
    • Optional integrated auxiliary O2 flowmeter and suction control.
    • Enhanced monitor integration capabilities with out GE Healthcare Anesthesia Monitor and Compact Monitor
    Advance Ventilation: 7900 SmartVent
    • Maximum versatility for full patient range
    • Ventilation Modes:
      • VCV (Volume control)
      • PCV Pressure Control (optional)
      • PSVPro (Pressure Support with Apnea Backup)(optional)
      • SIMV/PSV (Synchronized intermittent Mandatory ventilation with pressure control)(optional)
      • PCV-VG(Pressure Controlled Ventilation-Volume Guaranteed)(optional)
    • Electronic PEEP
    • Automatic fresh gas flow (tidal volume) compensation
    • Cardiac bypass case mode
    • Direct Access to ventilator parameter settings
    • Pressure waveform for visual reference on a breath-by-breath basis.
    • Smart alarms direct user to specific problems and affected parameters
    • Inspired oxygen monitoring.
    Advance Breathing System (ABS)
    • Easy to clean, autoclavable, latex free
    • Fast respond -exceptional for low flow anesthesia
    • Easy removal-no tools required
    • Integrated design-less parts and connections helps reduce potential for leaks and misconnects
    • One step bag/vent switch turns ventilator on/off
    • Optional CO2 bypass with electronic detection of "absorber off"
    • Optional E3Change and condenser.
    Physical Specifications
    • Dimensions:
      • Height: 135/53.5 in
      • Width: 75/29.5 in
      • Depth: 74 cm/29.1 in
      • Weight: approximately 136 kg/300 lbs.
    • Top Shelf:
      • Weight limit: 34kg/75 lbs
      • Width: 65 cm/26 in
      • Depth: 43 cm/15.75 in
    • Work Surface:
      • Height: 83.8 cm/33 in
      • Size: 2160 cm2/334 in2
      cm/li>Folding Side Shelf (optional)
      • Height: 87.5 cm/34.5 in
      • Width: 26.5 cm/10.4 in
      • Depth: 31.5 cm/12.4 in
      • Weight Limit: 11.3 kg/25 lbs
    • DIN rail
      • Side of machine: 34.5 cm/13.6 in
    • Drawers (nternal dimensions)
      • Height: 17.5 cm/6.9 in
      • Width: 33 cm/13 in
      • Depth: 26.5 cm/10.4 in
    • Absorber bag arm (optional)
      • Arm Length: 30.5 cm/12 in
      • Bag arm height (adjustable): 87 cm/34.3 in or 104 cm/40.9 in
    • Casters
      • Diameter: 12.5 cm/5 in
      • Brakes: Individual locking
    • Ventilator Screen
      • Display Size: 31 cm/12.1 in
    For more specifications Informations see the pictures attatched

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