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Model: LME-1000-D

  • Compact, durable and ergonomic design suitable for emergency use
  • Degree protection against dust and water
  • Parameters: ECG/RESP, SpO2, NIBP, TEMP
  • Seven waveforms
  • Color display 8.4

  • Technical Specifications
    Physical Dimensions:
    Without external paddles 295mm

    Environmental and Physical Requirements: 1. Air temperature range: 20.0 - 39.0C 3
    2. Skin temperature range:4.0 - 38.0C
    3. Accuracy air/skin control: +/- 0.2C
    4. Display range air/skin: 20.0 - 45.0C
    5. 3.5C key to adjust air/skin higher than 37.5C

    Oxygen Administration
    21% to 80% through one inlet

    Greater than 60% relative humidity with disposable sponge

    Hoods are plexiglass on all sides providing 100% visibility

    1. Access doors: two
    2. Mattress: Slide out mattress deck through head access door
    3. Access ports for I.V., respiration tubing and monitor leads: Yes

    Display Information
    1. Power inlet: Yes
    2. Battery charge: Yes
    3. Air control mde: Yes
    4. Skin control mode: Yes
    5. Key >37.5C: Yes
    6. Four leds of indication of heating of the power 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%: Yes

    1. High temperature of security limited: 40.0C
    2. High air temperature: 1.5C
    3. High skin temperature: 1.0C
    4. Low air temperature: 3.0C
    5. Low skin temperature: 1.0C
    6. Failure air sensor: Yes
    7. Failure skin sensor: Yes
    8. Patient probe dislodgement: Yes
    9. Air flow: Yes
    10. Power failure: Yes
    11. Low battery: Yes

    Electric Specifications
    1. AC Input: 110/127V - 220V 50/60Hz 180w
    2. DC Input: 12VDC 115W

    Battery 1. Type: Sealed rechargeable
    2. Voltage: 12 VDC nominal
    3. Quantity: One
    4. Life expectancy: At least 200 cycles
    5. Autonomy: 4 hours

    Physical specifications
    1. Width: 50 cm
    2. Depth: 170cm
    3. Height: 128cm
    4. Incubators weight: 71Kg

    Security Regulations
    NBR-IEC 60601-1 NBR-IEC 60601-2-20 NBR-IEC 60601-1-2

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